How long is an insurance license valid

How long is an insurance license valid? Individual licenses are initially issued with an expiration date of the last day of the month in the licensee’s birth month in the first year following issuance if the licensee’s age is divisible by two. Around 90 days before the licensee’s expiration date, renewal instructions will be mailed to the licensee’s business. So, this settles the topic of how long is an insurance license valid. Furthermore, continue reading to learn more about getting an insurance license. Furthermore, Are you an agent? Are you looking to become independent and have flexibility? Get help from technological-driven agencies such as Renegade Insurance. 

Acquiring an insurance license in Alaska can make you an insurance agent.  The journey can be a thrilling career path for a fresh start or changing career. Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics facts, the average annual earnings for insurance sales were $52,180 in  2020. If you are thinking to become an insurance professional then getting an insurance license is the first step in your journey.

Here are five easy steps guiding you on how to get an insurance license in Alaska.

First: Get A High School Diploma

An insurance license does not require a college diploma. The only educational requirement for an insurance license is a high school diploma. Getting additional education or taking insurance-related courses, on the other hand, would be quite beneficial.

A few institutions have recently started offering insurance and sales marketing courses.

Second: Select the type of insurance license you’ll need 

Typically, three types of insurance are available:

1. Insurance for life
2. Health Care Coverage
3. P&C Insurance

Each licensing exam for selling a specific line of insurance must be taken. Typically, an insurance agent must pass many license exams in order to offer different types of insurance. Because an insurance agent’s duty is to sell insurance, having as many insurance lines as possible is advantageous.


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Third: Examine the prerequisites for an insurance license

The requirements for an insurance license may differ from one state to the next, so you should research other states as well. You can, for example, live in one state and sell insurance in another. Before taking the licensure exam, the Alaska insurance agency needs you to take a pre-licensing examination. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the regulations of the department of insurance in the state where you want to sell policies before applying for the licensing exam. For further information, visit the website of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) or go through various insurance blogs related to getting an insurance license and its requirements.

Fourth: Give Exam For Insurance License

The next step is to sign up for the licensing exam. The examination fee for each attempt is $89. Also, remember that licensing exam is based on your knowledge of insurance basics, rules, and regulations. Hence, prepare from the study materials available on the department of insurance websites.


Fifth: Background check

Alaska’s insurance department requires applicants to present certain background check documents relating to criminal records and work history. Next, the Alaskan state insurance board will review, approve, and issue your insurance license in Alaska.

After becoming a licensed insurance professional, you can choose to become either a captive agent or to become an independent insurance agent. Both types of agents have their benefits and downsides. However, whatever path you choose, the main objective should be to protect your clients with suitable insurance. Moreover, do some research work on what happens if your insurance license expires. Furthermore, after the experience, you can also look ahead to starting a successful insurance agency of your own.

Make sure you understand technologies such as insurance software and agency management systems because they can assist you in the near future. If you plan to start your own company in the future, you’ll need an insurance agency management system to succeed in the industry.

insurance license
insurance license