What happens if your insurance license expires

What happens if your insurance license expires? An expired license can be renewed for up to one year after it has passed its expiration date. The business entity licensee, on the other hand, cannot do insurance business until the license is renewed. But this solely depends on the state.

Insurance license in Arizona procurement is the first and biggest milestone in starting your journey in insurance. If you want to become an independent insurance agent, then this milestone can be a huge celebration for you. Furthermore, we will explain in detail how to get an insurance license and its steps in this article.

Steps to Get an Insurance License

Step 1: Complete an Exam Prep Course For Insurance License

Unlike many other states, Arizona does not mandate getting a pre-licensing education. However, these pre-licensing exams can help an individual prepare and increase the chances of passing their licensing exam. Furthermore, you might have a question on can i get my insurance license online the answer to this is yes.

Step 2: Pass Your Exam for Insurance License

You should pass the state licensing exam for each desired line of authority to earn Arizona insurance.  Also, the exam provider in Arizona is Prometric. Also, the fee for each attempt of the exam is $56 per combined line. Single-line exams are $44 per attempt. Hence, arrive before 30 minutes of the exam appointment to sign in, verify identity, and conquer all security checks. In addition, acceptable identification is a driver’s license, state-issued identification card, passport, military identification card. Additionally, you should be aware that test requirements can vary from state to state, so look into insurance licenses in Alaska and other states.



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Step 3: Submit Application of Insurance License

Submit license application along with any other required paperwork and your fee payment to the Insurance Licensing Section. The Section should get all required application materials, including the correct nonrefundable license fees, within one year after you pass the exam.

According to NIPR, submit license application either (1) through the NIPR electronic licensing system or (2) by mailing to the Insurance Licensing Section. Hence, you will get an NPN. Hence, the unique identifier assigned from the licensing application process. Also, it tracks individuals and business entities on a national basis. In addition, many states use NPN to replace a producer license number. NPN is used, Instead of a state license number in Arizona. In addition, an assigned NPN uses a unique identifier through the licensing application process.


Checklist for applying for Insurance License:

  • Create account in Prometric. Sign up and enter your eligibility number (SSN)
  • Schedule test and check for required identification documents.
  • Review the Test Content Outlines

Therefore, prepare for tests by carefully reading the Test Content Outlines which have been prepared to help you successfully pass the test.

Series Title
13-31 Insurance Producer – Life
13-32 Insurance Producer – Accident and Health
13-33 Insurance Producer – Life, Accident and Health
13-34 Insurance Producer – Property and Casualty (commercial and noncommercial)
13-35 Bail Bond Agent
13-36 Insurance Claims Adjuster (property and casualty)
Series Title
13-41 Surplus Lines Insurance Broker
13-42 Insurance Producer – Property (commercial and noncommercial)
13-43 Insurance Producer – Casualty (commercial and noncommercial)
13-44 Insurance Producer – Personal Lines (noncommercial property and casualty)
13-46 Arizona Examination for Crop Insurance Producer

Bottom line of getting your Insurance license and learning what happens if your insurance license expires.

Congratulations! You have successfully procured an insurance license in Arizona. Furthermore, customers search engine is popular with “insurance agents near me” since a growing number of people are having insurance in these difficult times. As a result, you will have more opportunities. Therefore, after becoming a licensed insurance professional, you can choose to become either a captive insurance agent or to become an independent insurance agent. Hence, whatever path you choose, the main goal should be to protect your clients with suitable insurance. Furthermore, after getting your license obtain knowledge about the aftermath when the insurance license expires. Well, it generally depends on state to state abut untill you renew it you won’t be able to conduct business.

Note that after becoming an insurance agent, you must make yourself noticeable in the market. As a result, use insurance marketing wisely and efficiently. Marketing for insurance can help you generate leads and build long-term relationships with customers.

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insurance license